Dimensions in Doctrine, Inc.
Bible Ministries

Financial Policy

Dimensions In Doctrine, Inc. is officially recognized by the U.S. government as a non-profit organization.  It has been legally instituted as an autonomous, Christian enterprise under the articles of incorporation used by the State of Indiana.  Thereupon, all contributions are tax deductible and verifiably accounted.  Every donation will be used strictly as designated for the on-going promotion of this spiritual endeavor.

Ours is a Grace ministry…a work of faith supported by the voluntary gifts of faithful friends who see the need for such an outreach.  It is as the Lord provides through His people that this undertaking is sustained and expanded.  When gratitude for Bible doctrine received through this ministry motivates a believer to give, that person is free to contribute, apart from coercion, to further this work.  Therefore, all our materials and services are offered on the basis of grace and gratitude (i.e., a love gift or offering).